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2012 Awards 獎項成績

Within the past few years, teams and players trained by C2 Sports have won numerous major awards and championships.

The following are just a few of the awards:


在過去的幾年中,C2 Sports訓練的球隊和球員贏得了無數重要獎項和冠軍。



2012 Hillen-Sports SUPER CUP Winter Season Basketball League – Gold Medal
驍籃體育會冬季籃球聯賽驍籃SUPER CUP - 冠軍
2012 The 9th Annual Sportsman Basketball Indoor League
Group B Championship - Gold Medal
第九屆SPORTSMAN籃球人室內聯賽B組 - 冠軍
2012 ADIDAS Streetball Challenge, Men's Open Runner-up
街頭籃球賽男子公開組 - 亞軍


2011-2012 Hong Kong Men`s Basketball League – Silver Medal
香港男子乙組聯賽 - 亞軍
2011-2012 Hong Kong Women`s Basketball League – Gold Medal
香港女子乙組聯賽 - 冠軍
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