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Sponsors 贊助機構

NZO International HK (飲用水品牌)


NZO International will sponsor bottled waters for all participants during practices and tournaments. NZO International is a passionate, energetic and creative multi-beverage water based company. The water is sourced and bottled from the natural volcanic “Blue Spring” in New Zealand. The water contains a unique composition of pristine spring water & natural minerals that enhance health.


NZO 為本會所有訓練班贊助樽裝水,讓球員補充流失水份


Photomontage Studio


Photomontage Studio, specializing in children and family photography will provide professional photography service for all players and ongoing C2 Sports Academy events.



LAB Language Arts Base


LAB stands for Language Arts Base. It is a space for kids to find their unique voice and be creative in a fun English environment; all sessions will be taught by native English speakers. 


LAB 表示 (Language Arts Base) 語言藝術中心!這是一個給孩子們尋找獨特的見解,展示他們藝術天賦及活用英語的地方。LAB是利用語言及藝術去試驗孩子們的學習能力,鼓勵孩子們打破傳統思想!

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